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As much as I love my school and college experience, the expense at which it comes is something I’m adamantly against. Someone finally wrote an article that may have pulled the exact thoughts from my head and it’s brilliant. I put some quotes below because this is such an important subject, especially on a social forum of young adults who are college age or about to be:

"If you’re not familiar with it, a college degree is a thing that we tell our kids to buy with money they don’t have, in hopes that it will help them make money they might earn, which will give them the ability to pay back the money they spent in order to make the money they’re paying it back with."

"We give out massive loans to kids who don’t have jobs, let alone financial assets of any kind, and celebrate while millions of young people begin their adult lives drowning in a river of booze and debt."

"If any normal company scammed their customers the way colleges do, they’d be investigated by the Federal Trade Commission."

"Education, in the end, should be pursued for its own sake. We learn because we want to know."

"If enough people stop buying into this idea that college is a necessary step for literally every human being in the country, then eventually the job market will catch on. And universities will realize they have to work harder to attract students, which means they’ll be forced to stop gouging teenagers out of 80 grand while offering a product that can’t possibly justify the expense."

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